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deliver your project through a final report as well as a formal presentation on campus. Strengths, the Business Administration programme combines scientific knowledge with a business-orientation that fits the day-to-day reality of the business world. In particular, the student is able to use quantitative models to analyse and solve organisational and management problems in a defined context. The ects framework make this easy, because the credit points show institutions exactly how far someone has got in their studies. Learn More By continuing to browse this website, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and the use of cookies. The table below shows which grade was awarded based on the performance percentile compared to the whole class: Grade (old system) Pass? The exact number of hours is different from country to country.

29 receive a grade of 13 or better. Overall duration depends on previously acquired work experience). For example, students who want to work for a PhD in Engineering may have to prove competency in practical areas, even if their topic is theoretical. A large majority of our students' proposals are put into action by the clients and a significant number of students are hired by the same client at the end of the project. Through this practical experience you will develop specific competences that are important to the business administrator, including entrepreneurship, problem-solving reasoning and critical reflection. This also means that if you plan to pursue further studies, you are not restricted to universities in the same country as the institution where you completed your Bachelors degree. For more information about traineeships, we refer to the following site: traineeship. If you are only signing up for 20 ects worth of lectures in a given semester, you will probably have lots of free time, while more than 30 ects will mean you might not see much of your friends.

There are 48 nations signed up to the ehea, from Portugal in the West to Russia and Kazakhstan in the East. Our Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management will teach you to run a hospitality business from the ground up: covering everything from operations, to key management tools, and business strategy and planning. Ects credits can be important when applying for Masters or other postgraduate programmes. If you have an undergraduate degree from the United States and plan to do a Masters in Europe, you may need to convert your.S. Although the United Kingdom is part of the European Higher Education Area (ehea universities tend to use UK credits. Ects points of modules are summed up to indicate the total workload for a study programme: Bachelors or undergraduate degrees typically range from 180 ects (3 years full-time) to 240 ects (4 years full-time). Start your career, during your studies During your studies you have the opportunity to tailor your own graduation profile: take part in a foreign experience or complete an internship, choose a specialisation or even set up your own company Whichever. This way, students coming to Europe just for.g. A summer school course can still use the credits at home. You will graduate with: You will graduate with: Professional skills and management expertise, real work experience (internships an internationally accredited degree (Swiss/ects neche).

Both pathways include real-world business consultancy projects in the final semester on the Lausanne campus and deliver the same recognized hospitality business degree. Mathematical and Statistical Techniques - Research skills. Through this link you can consult the HSE-file. Research project: Your task will be to find a solution to an industry-specific problem using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. At your home university, there are only four passing grades: from 1 to 4 (1 being the best). Academic Pathway, after a preparatory year and a complete overview of hospitality operations, this pathway will allow you to focus intensely on hospitality management theory and application. Location : This pathway begins in the cosy, hotel-resort setting of the Passugg campus, and it finishes with a final semester on the Lausanne campus. The guest university has to decide if they match the home universitys grade at the lowest, average, or highest level of their own grade.

You can check if conditions apply to a course and what these conditions are. We look for candidates who have the academic foundation and personal qualities to be successful in our challenging program. Your home university can easily confirm and accept the credit points of modules you completed during your exchange semester. Displays management skills and entrepreneurship, focusing on operational problem solving. Find Masters programmes in Europe Are ects credits important to apply for PhD programmes? Has knowledge and understanding of the different domains of business management and the coherence between them. Therefore, PhD application requirements may include that students have a certain amount of ects credit points in a certain subject area. Lets explore the most common questions about ects: What is the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ects)?

In this example, the French 12 could correspond to the Austrian 2 / Good (at the lower end or the average) or the Austrian 1 / Excellent (at the higher end). Ects credits will help give admissions departments for Masters or PhDs a good picture of what you have done previously, and if you are at the right level to do well in further studies. Credit point equals 2 ects credit points. Finland, Lithuania, Sweden : 60 ects 1,600 study hours 1 ects 27 study hours Netherlands, Portugal : 60 ects 1,680 study hours 1 ects 28 study hours Germany : 60 ects 1,800 study hours 1 ects 30 study. Usually this is divided by modules. If you are a Bachelor student, please only look at courses that have a 'yes' in the column 'open to bachelor students'. Find study programmes in Europe, what are ects points? Bachelor students can only choose from Bachelor level courses (except from Tilburg Law School where Bachelor students can also choose Master level courses).

More useful information about the programme for is available here as from October 2020. Download the brochure, two pathways to a bachelors degree in hospitality. By clicking on the link, you will get more information on the course. However, ects grades were never widely adopted and had some practical issues, which is why a new system was designed: The ects grading table In 2009, the new ects grading table was introduced to replace the previous ects grading scale. Course overview, there are two ways to see an overview of all available courses for exchange students:. It may deem daunting at first, but its actually quite easy to understand. Has a broad knowledge and understanding of related social sciences and can use this efficiently in the analysis of organisational and management problems and in evaluating the impact of these problems on society. KU Leuven uses an online application system. How do ects credits convert to study hours? Although many Bachelor of Business Administration graduates go on to graduate-level studies, your Bachelors degree certainly has value in its own right in today's job market.

The risks and preventive measures are collected in the HSE-file for students. The HSE-file will be used for traineeships and/or masters theses. This is also relevant when you need to provide a transcript of records to another university. Perhaps your first university is not quite what you were looking for, or perhaps you want to switch to a subject not offered at your institution. This programme offers you a scientific foundation that will help you to think critically and in a problem-solving way. Ideally, this is done at the subject level (based on the isced-F field definition). Location: Lausanne, Switzerland for the Academic pathway, singapore for the Academic pathway, chur-Passugg, Switzerland for the Professional pathway. Applying for a PhD or Doctorate programme can be a little different from other postgraduate courses, but ects credits can still play an important role as Masters and Bachelor's credits can give admissions staff a good idea of what. Courses from both blocks can have resit exams until the middle of July.

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