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1a-Studi hilft dir fr ein bestmgliches Ergebnis im Studium. Is that they are best used in parentheticals rather than in the main flow of a sentence. Or SW (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) Street. Nasa ; in contrast, consensus has rejected moving Central Intelligence Agency to its acronym, in view of arguments that the full name is used in professional and academic publications). Prefixes of royalty and nobility often should be used, but not in abbreviated form. If the acronym and the full name are both in common use, both pages should exist, with one redirecting to the other (or as a disambiguation page). Die 1a-Studi Bewertung soll dir zeigen, was an der jeweiligen Bachelorarbeiten gut gelungen. Always consider whether it is better to simply write a word or phrase out in full, thus avoiding potential confusion for those not familiar with its abbreviation. Or TSgt Staff sergeant SSgt. Uncommon, non-obvious shortenings should be explained or linked on first use on a page.

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Unless specified in the " Exceptions " section below, an acronym should be written out in full the first time it is used on a page, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses,.g. Contractions edit Further information: Wikipedia:List of English contractions A contraction is an abbreviation of one or more words that has some or all of the middle letters removed but retains the first and final letters (e.g. For example, use nato and PhD, not.A.T.O and. In the case of an acronym containing full points between letters, it should also have a full point after the final letter. In sports, it is "vs." or "vs depending on dialect.

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Abbreviations in placenames should follow the most common rendering found in reliable sources for that particular locale; this will most often match the official name of the place. However, it is common in many trademarks and titles of published works, and should be retained when found in them. Shortenings edit A shortening is an abbreviation formed by removing at least the last letter of a word (e.g. They should not be used in infoboxes, nor in citations (except in an article using a published citation style that requires it). Formation and usage edit Capitalisation : Some acronyms are written with all capital letters, some with a mixture of capitals and lower-case letters and some are written as common nouns (e.g. Company It should only be used in the names of companies (like: "PLC "LLC "Inc. In many cases, no decision is necessary because a given acronym has several expansions, none of which is the most prominent.

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Dann sende diese an die 1a-Studi Fach-Lektoren fr eine professionelle Abschlusskorrektur und -prfung. Radar radio detection and ranging scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus sonar sound navigation and ranging TV television Generally use "TV" in most articles except historic articles and cultural or scholarly discussions,.g. These are not normally used in article prose. Our readers should not be browbeaten with the obvious. Certain placenames may use particular contractions (see  Special considerations, below). For television related articles use the country adjective.

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BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BC before Christ Should not be written out in full in dates and does not need to be linked. Et alii and others It should normally only be used in references (see the display-authors feature of the citation templates and where it is part of a name, such as of a legal case,.g. Another exception is when something is most commonly known by its acronym (i.e., its article here is at the acronym title in which case the expansion can come in the parenthetical or be omitted, except in the. Informiere dich hier weiter ber unsere Korrektur- und Prfleistungen: zu deinen Korrekturdiensten War dieser Artikel hilfreich? Beachte bitte die Verwendung mit dem Umgang mit Bachelorarbeiten Beispiele zu Beginn dieses Artikels. Or MSgt Technical sergeant TSgt. Anhand dieses erkennst du, wie eine Bachelorarbeit aufgebaut und formuliert werden muss. On first usage, use trad. This defies the major British style guides on this matter and produces too many ambiguities for encyclopedic writing. Or Col Commander Cmdr., Cmdr, Cdr, or Comdr Major Maj.

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Confer compare' / 'consult It should be linked on first use. Should not be used. Or Hwy (the term is not generally used outside of North America) Motorway Mwy (the term is not generally used in North America) Mountain Mtn. If no article exists for the subject acronym, then style should be resolved by considering consistent usage in source material. One general exception to this rule deals with our strong preference for natural disambiguation. To help navigation to article titles with these United States abbreviations, please create a redirect that contains (U.S.) or (US) as needed. Do not edit-war over these terms. Maintaining a consistent abbreviation style will allow Wikipedia to be read, written, edited, and navigated more easily by readers and editors alike. When not written out in full on the first use on a page, an acronym should be linked.

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Contractions such as aren't should not be used in Wikipedia, except in"d material; use the full wording (e.g., are not) instead. Or N (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) North East or Northeast.E. Upon later re-use in a long article, the template abbr can be used to provide a mouse-over tooltip giving the meaning of the acronym again without having to redundantly link it or spell it out again in the main text: abbrciacentral Intelligence Agency, giving: CIA. The style should always be consistent within a page. Contents, use sourceable abbreviations edit, avoid making up new abbreviations, especially acronyms. Contractions that do not contain an apostrophe almost always take a period in North American English, but the point is optional in British English: Doctor can be abbreviated. Abbreviations widely used in Wikipedia edit Wikipedia has found it both practical and efficient to use the following abbreviations in tight quarters such as citations, tables, and lists. Exceptions are symbols of units of measurement, which never use periods (see WP:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers ). Word(s) Abbreviation Places Avenue Ave. Or Dr in British English.

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Or Lt Master sergeant MSgt. (California TX (Texas Yorks. Or Mtn Mount. If an abbreviation ending in a full point ends a sentence, do not use an extra full point (e.g. For shortening long titles of works, see. Beim Sichten der Arbeit kannst du Folgendes aus den Beispielen entnehmen: Gliederung als Inspiration, aufbau als Inspiration, formulierungen als Inspiration.

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Do not use in the year of our Lord or any other translation of Anno Domini. An unambiguous acronym can be linked as-is, but an ambiguous acronym should be linked to its expansion. Acronyms in category names edit For discussion on the use of acronyms in names of categories, see Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (categories Archive 7  Abbreviations: to expand or not to expand? The expansions of Latin abbreviations should still be italicised (preferably automatically via the lang. Schritt-fr-Schritt-Anleitung fr deine Bachelorarbeiten findest du hier bei 1a-Studi. In a table or otherwise where space is limited there may be less context and approx. The word and its abbreviations should not be italicised, since they have long been assimilated into the English language. If a guideline conflicts with the correct usage of a proper name, ignore.

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Or Pvt Special considerations edit Postal codes and abbreviations of place names.g. Die folgenden Beispielbachelorarbeiten sollen dich inspirieren. Mr and aren't ). Etc.) but not for a shortening that is used in speech (e.g. ) Military ranks General Gen. "TV show "TV cameras "the effects of television on speech patterns". Full points (periods) edit Modern style is to use a full point (period) after a shortening (see Exceptions ) but no full point with an acronym.

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Spacing : The letters of acronyms should not be spaced. A few other Latinisms that are sometimes abbreviated (or replaced by symbols) but sometimes written out have become so assimilated they do not need italics, such as "percent" / "per cent". The abbreviation style used in"tions from written sources should always be written exactly as in the original source, unless it is a Wikipedia-made translation. GNP ; do not use the made-up initialism nzgnp). Or SE (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) South West or Southwest.W. Aids acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.k.a. It is not necessary to state that an acronym is an acronym. Emphasis : Do not apply special style, such as small caps, to acronyms. Or Mfg Press.

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